DIY Pest Control

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We Offer a Large Variety of Pest Control Services Nationwide! We can help with scorpions, ants, silverfish, spiders, cockroaches, crickets, and more. Our experience and knowledge in pest control has allowed us to create a scientific process to eliminate infestations and control future pests with our custom pest control plans. This great DIY Remedy is tailored to your home.

 Q. How does the service work?

A. All you have to do is fill out the short questionnaire about what bugs you are seeing, the size of your home, and where you live. We will send the specific products you need to deal with those bugs at the times we think would be best for your climate. Shipments will come at the beginning of the months when you should be completing your treatment again.

 Q. What experience do you have?

A. We have collectively spent decades running pest control companies. We have seen (and resolved!) some of the worst infestations you can imagine. Through all of that, we have the experience and knowledge on how to get rid of nearly any type of pest you are seeing. We want you to use our expertise to help control your own pest issues.

 Q. What pests are covered?

A. We can help you eliminate and prevent ants, cockroaches, crickets, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, and any other common pests. If you need help identifying a pest or want to know if we can help with what you have, please reach out and one of our professionals will support you.

 Q. What pesticides will you be sending?

A. We send only the highest-quality pesticides. These are the same brand-name pesticides that we use ourselves as pest control operators.

 Q. Is the product safe to use around kids or pets?

A. Absolutely. As soon as the product has dried, it is safe around kids and pets. Until then, it is best to have them stay out of the treated area. Please read the product label for any specific instructions regarding area re-entry.

 Q. Where should I spray? Where should I not spray?

A. Each pesticide has limitations that are outlined in the product label, so be sure to read the label before application. Generally, the areas you should focus on are near entry ways, around any cracks and crevices, and along the edges of sidewalks or patios. You can also apply a coating around the home’s foundation the whole way around the exterior of the home.
Here are some places you should NOT spray:

  • Within 15 feet of water features, especially ponds that contain fish
  • Near or into drains
  • Anywhere with standing water
  • On any flowering plants or places where bees or other pollinators will land

 Q. What safety equipment do I need?

A. Please refer to the product label included with your shipment. We recommend you wear the gloves that we provide, as well as long pants and a long sleeved shirt. If there is wind when you spray, we also recommend you wear eye protection and a dust mask.

 Q. How long does the product stay effective?

A. The product will remain effective for up to 60 days. We provide the product monthly to ensure you are still protected if the product breaks down more quickly.

 Q. Can I reuse the items that you send?

A. You absolutely should hold onto and reuse the sprayer for future Remedy shipments and keep the box that it came in for easy storage. However, you should dispose of everything else, including the application bag, pesticide bottles, and rubber gloves.

 Q. Who should I call if there is a pesticide exposure?

A. While the products we send are child- and pet-friendly, if there are concerns about a pesticide exposure, you can speak with Poison Control by calling 1-800-222-1222.